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Corporate Consultation-General Counsel Services


High Performance. High Integrity

We believe that a strong legal team—one that becomes part of the company culture, understands its rhythms and personality, is familiar with the daily flow of business—is far more effective, and far more cost effective, than outside counsel can possibly be in helping the company achieve both high performance and high integrity. In difficult economic times, there is always the call to cut costs by reducing headcount and services. We search for areas that can impact the bottom line without degrading the core goals of performance with integrity.

Risk Management-Risk Management is a term of art that can encompass many aspects of the corporate culture. Our office focuses on the legal aspects of this area. Mr. Mellor aggressively searches for ways to proactively impact the inherent risk of operating a business.  A review of corporate practice and activities is conducted to identify areas of concern and provide an assessment as to risk. Coordination of effort with corporate officers and departments is utilized to identify proactive solutions to eliminate or mitigate risks while advancing the business of the Corporation.

Areas of Review Include

Insurance-Establish the needs of the Corporation and review of insurance policies to ensure the coverage is appropriate. Review procurement procedures. Coordinate efforts with corporate officers and departments to obtain effective coverage at a viable cost.

Outside Litigation- Aggressively oversee outside litigation. Monitor as to overall impact upon Company and the Board. Coordinate with outside counsel so as to maximize the value and anticipated results on behalf of the Corporation.

Employment Law-Review the policy and procedures of the Company. Examine the implementation of these items in the field.  Coordinate efforts with corporate officers and departments to strengthen goals of the Corporation.

Workman Compensation- Monitor as to overall impact upon Company and the Board. Coordinate efforts with corporate officers and departments to limit claims & costs.

Contracts-Review all corporate contracts for conformity. Establish standardized terms that ensure that the documents and process present a unified position on behalf of the company. Revise documents where necessary to comply with local law and conditions.

Corporate Records-Review Corporation filings and records to maintain compliance with state laws. Review Board Minutes for compliance. Maintain records so as to maximize shareholder protection by and through the entity designation. 


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